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Please read this - even if it is a lot!

After a treatment you may feel relaxed, a bit lightheaded, sleepy or “strange”. That is normal because we not only worked on a physical level but your energy started moving differently. So let the given impulse travel easily through your body and mind.

To get rid of toxins, please stay well hydrated with pure non bubbly water (best room temperature or even lukewarm). Imaging to flush your system! Not drinking enough can lead to headaches and muscle pain.

Listen and give in to your needs: physically, emotionally. Notice (!) food cravings, etc.. Rest when you feel like or take a walk if you need fresh air, take notes. This is a chance to get to know yourself better!

“Scan” your body and mind from time to time through the next days, mind or write down if you realize subtle or less subtle phenomenon physically, emotionally, thoughts.

Keep exercise light but keep moving.

Allow emotions to run through you. It is energy on the move. They may have waited a long time to do so. Strong or angry emotions should be managed through safe activity.

Sometimes pains seem to become stronger before relaxation comes in.

Notice your dreams or memories you have not thought of for a long time; you may want to journal them.

Notice changes in how you move physically; you may experience a wider range of motion or movement without pain.

Notice if your mood is enhanced or you are sleeping longer or more deeply, or if you have more energy.

Notice if you feel more certain of your life direction or feel compelled to try something you’ve not considered before or if you are just more calmly confident and less anxious.

Most important: Please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send an email if you want to discuss something, and - to manifest a change please do not wait too long between appointments...

art of touch-kingwood, 713 397 3392,

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