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Touch that moves!

Shiatsu (jap. finger pressure) is the most popular Asian based holistic bodywork in the West. With its origins in the Traditional Chinese Medicine it touches and supports the connection to the Ki, the stream of life. The art of Shiatsu is to tune the touch very individually into the current needs of the being. 


  • relaxes, restores, and activates life energy
  • helps against stress and related symptoms
  • supports in crisis and recovery
  • is preventive health care
  • can be a help with many feelings of unease (back pain, digestive disorders, female irregularities, headaches, emotional imbalances).

Shiatsu touches and moves the whole human being and is able to accompany in many life situations. In Europe Shiatsu is practiced in health practices, in wellness institutes, schools, social institutions, business companies and in clinics.

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